First Game

Not exactly one we want to remember.  But Moyer looked good for his first two innings of work since around midnight of October 25.  Only allowed one hit, two walks and two strikeouts. 


Blanton fared only slightly worse, pitching an inning, giving up two hits and a run to go along with his two strikeouts.


All the damage Pittsburg did was against our AAA pitchers Bisenius and Nestor.  But boy, was it good to hear the sweet sounds of Scott and LA through my car radio!


Hopefully, as the weather warms, so do the Phillies’ bats.  They managed seven hits but only two runs against what was Pittsburg’s bullpen and AAA guys. 


I was glad to see Raul get his first hit as a Phillie, hopefully he does that April 5. 


How did people enjoy baseball without television?  I really cannot wait for real, live baseball on my TV.  Won’t be able to enjoy Saturday’s game as I will be driving my brother’s car up from Atlanta to Philly over the weekend.  All I had today was a radio broadcast and a box score.  That limited amount does not do it for me, a true daughter of the modern age.


I like seeing it unfold on my giant *** screen in my basement.  I like the instant updates available online and over my cell phone and ipod.


Katie D.

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